understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Messengers have tried to call the attention of mankind in the different Classes to what it means, when the Messengers are present.

When those Classes begin session, do you realize that every Group of Students in America and the World is, as you call it, pulling for the success of that Class and the Freedom of the people in that Class? Do you not see, it is one of the most magnificent things!

Never in the history of the Earth was such a thing done. Never!

The true idea of Brotherly Love has started forth many times and then disappeared. Now it is actually being fulfilled!

When Groups of Students all over America and the World pour forth their Blessing to each other and call for their financial freedom and Ascension, if that is not Brotherly Love, then you will never find it. I mean, that is real.

It is not just a sputtering around in the outer world with the intellect. It means when in those Groups beloved ones issue these Decrees with feeling, it is why they have done such magnificent work in the mental and feeling world of mankind and for yourselves.

How do you suppose it suddenly became possible for the Divine Director to begin doing this Work for the Students? How do you suppose it was?

Because of these Mighty Decrees going forth in the mental and feeling world. They had dissolved and consumed enough of the individuals’ human creation, so He could go on and finish it.

In the great need today, these people will have a greater freedom; and they will be able to release more Power by their Call to the “Presence” in the Decrees which are needed now.

Do you not see that you have had the courage and strength to stand against the world and – as the Messengers have faced this Light – stand by It! with It! and in It! Now you are beginning to experience the Glory which It is, and It is magnificent.

Never have people in the human octave stood up against such a vicious vortex of human creation – which would try to deprive them of this Blessing – as this Light has experienced; but that discord has no power. Sometimes individuals are disturbed temporarily, but it really has no power!

The Light is all Authority! It is the Law of Life! That is why the people who have been so vicious toward the Messengers have no power.

They are no more than a feather in a gust of wind, insofar as harm is concerned. So, do not accept any foolishness or gossip which you hear.”


David Lloyd

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