understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In San Francisco a tremendous Work was done in releasing the constructive activity of mankind into this Service of the Light. It was said that when fifty-three percent had been reached you were near the Victory and Goal of the Light, which is true.

So, in Kansas City the fifty-three percent was accomplished. To the amazement of all on the last day, they found that seven percent more had been attained, making sixty percent in all. Beloved Ones, try to make it seventy percent here.

Dear Ones, this does not mean that any of Us or you can let down on your Application; but it does mean that you should be more firm and determined in it than ever.

You, who have been present, will remember that our blessed ________ has said to his Group in California, “Let us make it one hundred and fifty-three percent.” That would be quite wonderful, Dear Ones, because of the need today.

Remember your Blessed Lotus has always called for ten times more than you need. Let us make this great Release of the Light ten or twenty or fifty times more than is actually needed.

Then, the Glory of Eternal Freedom will come.”


David Lloyd

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