understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, it is the most wonderful thing, when people are sometimes unkind or say unkind things, to just be silent.

They may think you have no backbone; but in that silence, your backbone is getting stronger every minute. It is when you let the other feeling in, that your backbone gets weak, but you do not know it. It is strong for a moment, but oh, Heaven help the reaction!

That is just what is going on in mankind all the time. You are terribly strong when the irritation is on, but what do you feel like when it is over? What happens then?

I tell you, Blessed Ones, it is My Privilege to see these actions; and as I move about among the Students, endeavoring to give Assistance, I see these activities going on just as clearly and definitely as you see each other right now.

Do you understand, Beloved Ones, you never see anything outside your own physical octave? I mean by that, your Inner All-Seeing Eye is not active this time, up to now.

Oh, that has nothing to do with the psychic sight or spiritualism! I am not talking about that. I am talking about the real All-Seeing Eye of God Activity in your own being, which the Messenger has in action.

Do you realize that We, who are Free from the limitations of the human atomic structure, see all activities – even within your bodies – just as definitely as you look upon the map and see the highways and railroads and all that. Do you not see that?

We see everything – the activity of your physical bodies, the circulation, the nerve fluid, and all. We look into it and see its action, where the spots of imperfection are, and all that kind of thing.

You might say to Me, “Well, if that be the case, you had better get busy on some of us.” Only too well would I like to get busy, but that would not do you no good. I could give you temporary relief in an instant, but what good would that do? The next day you would want Me to do it again.”


David Lloyd

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