understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I urge you, do all you can, Beloved Ones, in your private Calls before you retire; as well as your wondrous Group work, which you have been doing. Oh, let no discord of any person, place, condition, or thing affect you in any manner.

Do not have opinions about anything. Go forth in your own “God Presence”, and let Its Power flow through you into your world to protect it, and then out to bless mankind. What do you think It would do?

You who are sitting here, call on the Law of Forgiveness for all the mistakes of the people of New York. Then call down the Powers of Light and Love and Blessing upon all of them. Think what that service would do.

The unhappy thing which mankind has experienced is because they do not see these great Inner Forces acting. It seems incredible that It could be going forth and doing such a Mighty Work;

but I assure you, Dear Ones, because you do not see Its outer manifestation is no reason why that Inner Power you call forth is not acting to do Its Perfect Work.

Oh, Beloved Ones, do all you can, won’t you? That is all anyone can do ; but feel it tonight. I am so grateful to be able to call your attention to it.

My part is in giving you the Courage and Strength to make a firmer, more determined Call than ever, for the release of that Mighty Power to go forth among mankind and do Its Mighty Work!


Feel It, Dear Ones.

Many, many of you who are here will live to see the greatest transformation ever known on Earth. The Light of God, your “Mighty I AM Presence”, is taking Its Dominion upon the Earth.

In closing, I want to say to you who have been rendering this wondrous service:  when you see how great it has been, you will rejoice through Eternity.

Because there is no trumpeting, because there is no outer appearance as you think, does not mean the Work is not being accomplished. Those Great Ones see and know the service which you are rendering and, hence, have come to your rescue.

Will you allow Them – and urge others of humanity to allow Them – to complete the Victory?

I thank you.”


Goddess of Liberty

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