understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Perhaps it would be well for Me to remind you how mankind has ignored such opportunities in the past, when great Blessings have been offered them.

Take for instance, for your instruction tonight, in the civilization of the buried cities of the Amazon recorded in Unveiled Mysteries, they were warned five years before the cataclysm came.

After one year had passed, then two years had passed and nothing occurred, the human qualities began to stir within them and they said, “It is all a mistake.” They became more and more brazen.

When the five years were up and everything became still, the Hearts of those people who had denied the Wisdom which gave them warning, felt that fear clutch them; and before dawn the great destructive powers had done their work.

Today mankind is facing far worse conditions.

When We give you encouragement for your accomplishment, please take it as encouragement! Make more earnest, dynamic efforts in your Call! That is why We give you encouragement – not so you can relax your Call, power, or energy for that which is required!

If you do, then God help mankind.

The Power, the Intelligence, the Assurance is yours today; is here for your use, oh, people of America! You can have It if you will! We cannot force It upon you!

So, Dear People, if there are those of your acquaintances who cannot accept this Understanding which Saint Germain has brought forth, at least plead with them for the need of Protection to America, their Country. That is the great need today.”


Goddess of Liberty

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