understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Beloved Ones, your Beloved Ascended Master Jesus was the only One who held such Infinite Love from the World.

Your national characters have had great love from mankind. I tell you, that in Europe and India today, secretly in the Hearts of thousands of people there is the greatest Love for Washington and Lincoln. From those people who have read of it, their love flows out, and has since the liberty of America began.

Therefore, Dear Ones, remember that it is only through the outpouring of love, kindliness, and blessing that mankind open their doors to the Power of their “Mighty I AM Presence” to set them Free. They cannot have that Freedom unless they know where and how to call.

Today the “I AM” Students know that, very definitely. Some do not yet have the full confidence in their own ability, but that will come as sure as you are sitting before Me tonight.

Remember, the Great Master from Venus said there were thousands in America who would awaken suddenly, as from a sleep. It is being done and will continue to be done, by the thousands, in the months ahead.

Have courage, oh, Beloved Ones, to go on and on in your great Call, and do not accept the appearance world any longer!

Remember the height, if you permit Me to use that term, of the destructive forces – or, the apex – has been reached and passed.

Therefore, with a speed a thousand times greater than they gained their apex, will they recede and lose their power.”


Goddess of Liberty

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