understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Oh, do you not see how great It is? How He, through the Messengers, pleads with mankind with all their great love and kindness to give obedience to this great Law, apply It, and understand that the imperative thing is harmony maintained in the feelings, that the Power of the “Presence” might flow through and give this Protection!

Today, when it is coming to the time that mankind is going need It tremendously, the Protection and Assistance would be there.

Oh, how mankind will plead – when they had the opportunity and did not take it, to understand and apply these great Laws for the Assistance of Beloved America and themselves!

While there is no death, Beloved Ones, mankind in embodiment has cut off opportunity after opportunity which would have brought such great Blessings to them.

I say to you tonight, the blessed ones who have been drawn into this great Light and have turned aside – how they will cry out for mercy because of a lost opportunity.

This is why, Beloved Ones, the Messengers have pled for harmony and prompted the people to stand by their own God Presence, the “Mighty I AM”.

They have asked nothing else.

They have been so earnest, honest, sincere in the Outpouring of the great Love from their “Presence”, and now have the Love from thousands today – a thing unheard of in the history of the World.”


Goddess of Liberty

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