understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Remember, Beloved Ones, continue your earnest, mighty Call to God, your “Mighty I AM Presence”, which enables these Powers to act.

Tonight, allow Me to remind you again of those blessed Children – Rex and Bob, Nada and Pearl – who so recently were in bodies of limitation like yours today. They are rendering this Cosmic Service to America.

Remember what the Divine Director said in the close of The Magic Presence: “I shall give you bodies as have not before been known on Earth.” It is how They were able to enter into this Great Activity at once, and why today They are rendering a Service to America which is tremendous.

Those four Children are going every way, watching and guarding.

There will come a greater and greater Assistance, when the Great Cosmic Light has made it possible for the destructive qualities of human beings to be turned back upon themselves.

***Then the old statement you have heard so long will find its action: “Evil destroys itself.” Sometimes it has been a long time doing it.***

Now, in the Power and Activity of the Great Cosmic Light, it shall do its work quickly.”


Goddess of Liberty

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