summing up

“Whatever may be the destiny of these actual writings in a remote future, we hope to have proven so far the following facts:

1.  The Secret Doctrine teaches no Atheism, except in the Hindu sense of the word Nastika, or the rejection of idols, including every anthropomorphic god. In this sense every Occultist is a Nastika.

2.  It admits a Logos or a collective “Creator” of the Universe; a Demiurgos – in the sense implied when one speaks of an “Architect” as the “Creator” of an edifice, whereas the Architect has never touched one stone of it, but, while furnishing the plan, left all the manual labor to the masons;

in our case the plan was furnished by the Ideation of the Universe, and the constructive labor was left to the Hosts of intelligent Powers and Forces.

But that Demiurgos is no personal deity – i.e., an imperfect extra-cosmic god – but only the aggregate of the Dhyani-Chohans and the other forces.

As to the latter:

3.  They are dual in their character; being composed of (a) the irrational brute energy, inherent in matter, and (b) the intelligent soul or cosmic consciousness which directs and guides that energy, and which is the Dhyani-Chohanic thought reflecting the Ideation of the Universal mind.

This results in a perpetual series of physical manifestations and moral effects on Earth, during Manvantaric periods, the whole being subservient to Karma. 

As that process is not always perfect; and since, however many proofs it may exhibit of a guiding intelligence behind the veil, it still shows gaps and flaws, and even results very often in evident failures –

therefore, neither the collective Host (Demiurgos), nor any of the working powers individually, are proper subjects for divine honors or worship.

All are entitled to the grateful reverence of Humanity, however, and man ought to be ever striving to help the divine evolution of Ideas, by becoming to the best of his ability a co-worker with nature in the cyclic task.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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