understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you not think mankind has wandered around long enough in the maze of human creations? It has done this for hundreds and thousands of centuries and lives.

You should be greatly interested in this:  Up until a hundred years ago, it was a rare thing for an individual to embody under one hundred years from the time he had let go of his previous body, and sometimes much longer; but in the last one hundred years, mankind are embodying very much more quickly.

Need I remind you that every power you are using today is an invisible power? The currents of electricity through the wires which light your homes are invisible. You see the generator, you see the effect; but you do not see the current pass through, do you? But you can feel it!

Now notice!

You do not see this mighty Current of Energy from your “Presence”, but you can feel it with Infinite Power!

Therefore, I say to you again, the power of every magnificent force that you are using in your outer world today is invisible. You accept its use and think nothing about it; but if your attention is suddenly called to these things, you sometimes stand in amazement that you have not given them attention before.

I say to you, like your Beloved Saint Germain – who has called your attention to this Great Presence of all Life, the “Mighty I AM”; and the Ascended Masters – how would you know a thing without your attention upon it?

Many thousands of Students today, when they first heard the Messengers and the mention of the Ascended Masters, rebelled like fury. They said: “It cannot be! If such Beings exist, why do we not know it?”

How did you ever know anything unless your attention was held upon it? In your schoolwork, in your business today, would you know anything about them unless your attention were held upon them?

If you did not have your attention upon your own business, you would probably be attending to someone else’s.”


Goddess of Light

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