understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There is not one earnest, sincere “I AM” Student in America or the World today who, if he will listen and apply these simple things which are given, could not produce perfect health in the body in from a few days to a few weeks.

If he would call the Currents of Energy to charge in and through his body, with the same force he does when he becomes very angry, he would have results.

I ask you to observe your own experience. Do you not have plenty of energy when you get very angry?

Every one of you – it does not make any difference how frail the body – when you get very angry, can move mountains.

Therefore, exert that same energy on the side of Light and Perfection and you will have the same and perhaps a thousand times greater result – because that is in cooperation with the Law of Life, which is Harmony and Perfection.

Do you not see, the only reasons limitations exist in the World is because mankind has refused to give obedience?

Look at Myself who has such Wisdom, wielded such Power; because I had not yet made the Ascension, still could I make a mistake by being off guard for one moment.

This should be a lesson to all mankind.

But no one, once he has made the Ascension, can ever be off guard; for the Ascension is the only means, Beloved Ones, of freeing yourselves from the wheel of birth and rebirth.”


Goddess of Light

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