the cross and the circle

“To the Eastern Occultist the TREE of Knowledge in the Paradise of man’s own heart, becomes the Tree of Life eternal, and has nought to do with man’s animal senses.

It is an absolute mystery that reveals itself only through the efforts of the imprisoned Manas and the Ego to liberate themselves from the thraldom of sensuous perception and see, in the light of the one eternal present Reality.

To the Western Kabbalist, and now far more to the superficial Symbologist, nursed in the lethal atmosphere of materialistic science, there is but one chief explanation of the mysteries of the Cross – its sexual element.

But to the follower of the true Eastern archaic Wisdom, to him who worships in spirit nought outside the Absolute Unity, that ever-pulsating great Heart that beats throughout, as in every atom of nature, each such atom contains the germ from which he may raise the Tree of Knowledge, whose fruits give life eternal and not physical life alone.

For him, the Cross and Circle, the Tree or the Tau, are, after every symbol relating to these has been applied to, and read one after another, still a profound mystery in their Past, and it is to that Past alone that he directs his eager gaze.

He cares little whether it be the seed from which grows the genealogical Tree of Being, called the Universe. Nor is it the Three in One, the triple aspect of the seed – its form, color, and substance – that interest him, but rather the FORCE which directs its growth, the ever mysterious, as the ever unknown.

For this vital Force, that makes the seed germinate, burst open and throw out shoots, then form the trunk and branches, which, in their turn, bend down like the boughs of the Asvattha, the holy Tree of Bodhi, throw their seed out, take root and procreate other trees – this is the only FORCE that has reality for him, as it is the never-dying breath of life.

The pagan philosopher sought for the Cause, the modern is content with only the effects and seeks the former in the latter.

What is beyond, he does not know, nor does the modern A-gnostic care; thus rejecting the only knowledge upon which he can with full security base his Science.

Yet this manifested Force has an answer for him who seeks to fathom it.

Tacitly admitting the All-Presence of the boundless Circle and making of it the universal postulate upon which the whole of the manifested universe is based, the Sage keeps a reverential silence concerning that upon which no mortal men should dare to speculate.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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