the cross and the circle

“There was a time when the Eastern symbol of the Cross and Circle, the Swastika, was universally adopted.

With the esoteric (and, for that matter, exoteric) Buddhist, the Chinese and the Mongolian, it means “the 10,000 truths”. These truths, they say, belong to the mysteries of the unseen universe and primordial Cosmogony and Theogony.

“Since Fohat crossed the Circle like two lines of flame (horizontally and vertically), the hosts of the Blessed Ones have never failed to send their representatives upon the planets they are made to watch over from the beginning.”

This is why the Swastika is always placed – as the ansated Cross was in Egypt – on the breasts of the defunct mystics. It is found on the heart of the images and statues of Buddha, in Tibet and Mongolia.

It is the seal placed also on the hearts of the living Initiates, burned into the flesh, forever, with some.

This, because they have to keep those truths inviolate and intact, in eternal silence and secrecy to the day these are perceived and read by their chosen successors – new Initiates – “worthy of being entrusted with the ten thousand perfections.””


H. P. Blavatsky

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