the cross and circle

“Now, the primordial system, the double glyph that underlies the idea of the Cross, is not “of human invention”, for Cosmic ideation and the Spiritual representation of the divine Ego-man are at its basis.

Later, it expanded in the beautiful idea adopted by and represented in the Mysteries, that of regenerated man, the mortal, who, by crucifying the man of flesh and his passions on the procrustean bed of torture, became reborn as an Immortal.

Leaving the body, the animal-man, behind him, tied on the Cross of Initiation like an empty chrysalis, the Ego-Soul became as free as a butterfly.

With the Esotericists, from the remotest time of the Universal Soul or Anima Mundi, the material reflection of the Immaterial Ideal, was the Source of Life of all beings and of the life principle of the three kingdoms; and it was Septenary with the Hermetic philosophers, as with all ancients.

For it represented as a sevenfold cross, whose branches are respectively, light, heat, electricity, terrestrial magnetism, astral radiation, motion, and Intelligence, or what some call self-consciousness.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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