understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“What is your sincere, constructive desire? God in Action!

Look at this jewel on the hand of the Messenger. As a lad he desired with all his Heart a single jewel of that kind. After desiring it so long, he thought it was no use and stopped. The desire went on; and when he had completely forgotten about it, it manifested.

Beloved Ones, I could take you one by one and cause you to look back just through the experiences of this lifetime and show you – by the hundreds – your desires which were fulfilled, but you do not realize it.

You accept these things and go on, not even recognizing that they were former desires being fulfilled today.

Many times, past impulses and intense desires have become the compulsions of this embodiment.

You see, Beloved Ones, how marvelously you were acting within the Law hundreds of times; and yet, not knowing the “Presence”, not knowing what was going on, you took it for granted that it was a matter of course.

You have often thought, “Well, it just happened!”

There is not a thing that “just happens” anywhere in the Universe. Everything has a definite cause and produces a definite result.

Therefore, Beloved Ones, you are entering into a great Stream of Life which carries in Its Stream only glorious Perfection.

You, in your Purity, are working for your full release. Step by step you are rising out of all conditions of your own creation, and one day you will stand wholly Free.

Make no mistake about it!

You will know it the instant you feel yourself Free from all accumulations.”


Goddess of Light

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