the cross and circle

“Let the reader who doubts the statement turn to some most suggestive Egyptian bas-reliefs. One especially from the temple of Philae represents a scene of initiation.

Two God-Hierophants, one with the head of a hawk (the Sun), the other ibis-headed (Mercury, Thoth, the god of Wisdom and secret learning, the assessor of Osiris-Sun), are standing over the body of a candidate just initiated.

They are in the act of pouring on his head a double stream of water (the water of life and new birth), which stream is interlaced in the shape of a cross and full of small ansated crosses.

This is allegorical of the awakening of the candidate (now an Initiate), when the beams of the morning sun (Osiris) strike the crown of his head (his entranced body being placed on its wooden tau so as to receive the rays).

Then appeared the Hierophant-Initiators, and the sacramental words were pronounced, ostensibly, to the Sun-Osiris, addressed in reality to the Spirit Sun within, enlightening the newly born man.

Let the reader meditate on the connection of the Sun with the Cross in both its generative and spiritually regenerative capacities – from the highest antiquity.

The ancient manuscripts mentioned these as the “hard couches of those who were in (spiritual) travail, the act of giving birth to themselves.”

A quantity of such cruciform “couches”, on which the candidate, thrown into a dead trance at the end of his supreme initiation, was placed and secured, were found in the underground halls of the Egyptian temples after their destruction.

Thus one of the seven esoteric meanings implied in this mystery of Crucifixion by the mystic inventors of the system – the original elaboration and adoption of which dates back to the very establishment of the MYSTERIES – is discovered in the geometrical symbols containing the history of the evolution of man.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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