understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You may not realize it, but the Great Beings, Saint Germain, and many of Us know your Calls very well. We have heard every one of them; and no earnest, sincere Call ever goes unrewarded.

Will you remember that, Beloved Children of the Light?

No sincere Call can ever go unrewarded. Why? Because what makes the Call? – your Life, is it not? Could you make a Call without the action of your Life?

Then, that Call is your Life, calling for complete Freedom within the human form.
Therefore Life, the Power of the Universe, being Itself, must answer your Call in the human form.

Do you not see how it is impossible for your Call not to be answered?

If there is some qualification going on in your feeling world which is still qualifying the Energy that you call forth, the fault is not in your Call; the fault is not in the Energy which is going forth.

The fault is in your feeling requalifying it.

You are given a choice as to how you wish to govern it. There is not one who cannot govern his feelings if he really wants to.

When you want the Light, when you want your Freedom more than you want your breath, then you will have It!”


Goddess of Light

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