understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“May I remind you that again tonight the Great Divine Director has enclosed you in the great Globe of Light drawn from the Cave of Light in India.

Only in a lesser degree than were you to walk into the Cave of Light are you having Its Blessing and Benefit tonight.

Dear Beloved Ones, try to comprehend in the feeling just what this means!

To the intellect it may sound unusual, but not to the Heart, which knows It is Real.

Therefore, in this great Light which enfolds you tonight is this Radiance, consciously brought and directed to enfold you by the conscious Direction of the Mighty Divine Director.

So shall you have Blessings your intellect would not comprehend at this time, but try to accept It in your feeling.

This is real, very real; and this Light Substance which enfolds you, Beloved Ones, is more real than your very physical bodies, which seem so tangible and real to you.

More and more intense has become the activity of this Light-Substance tonight, and it will continue as the Messengers go forth in each Class.

When the Victory of the Light comes fully and completely, and the great, great number of Students see the Glory of which they have been a part, oh, do you realize your joy will know no bounds!”


Goddess of Light

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