on the myth of the “fallen angel”

“Throughout all Asia Minor, the Initiates were called the “trees of Righteousness”, and the cedars of Lebanon, as also were some kings of Israel. So were the great adepts in India, but only the adepts of the left hand.

It hints at the great struggle between the “Sons of God” and the Sons of the Dark Wisdom – our forefathers; or the Atlantean and the Aryan Adepts.

The whole history of that period is allegorized in the Ramayana, which is the mystic narrative in epic form of the struggle between Rama – the first king of the divine dynasty of the early Aryans – and Ravana, the symbolical personation of the Atlantean (Lanka) race.

The former were the incarnations of the Solar Gods; the latter, of the Lunar Devas.

This was the great battle between Good and Evil, between white and black magic, for the supremacy of the divine forces, or of the lower terrestrial, or cosmic powers.

All the so-called evil Spirits, who were credited with having made war on the gods, are identical as personalities; moreover, all the ancient religions taught the same tenet except the final conclusion, which latter differs from the Christian.

The seven primeval gods all had a dual state, one essential, the other accidental.

In their essential state they were all the “Builders” or Fashioners, the Preservers and the Rulers of this world, and in the accidental state, clothing themselves in visible corporeality, they descended on the earth and reigned on it as Kings and Instructors of the lower Hosts, who had incarnated once more upon it as men.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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