understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are being given All-powerful Statements which do release from your “Presence” all that is required, to govern your activity and release your supply and protection.

May I remind you of what is still acting on some occasions?

The individual makes his earnest Application and then touches the outer world. Either through a spoken word or some suggestion, he starts another train of thought and feeling.

That changes the whole current of energy which he charged forth into action to produce a given result.

This is why the results with some do not come so quickly.

There are so many of the Students who are having almost instantaneous and marvelous results. Their understanding perhaps is no greater than others having less results, except that they have discovered the great fundamental – that as long as their feeling keeps harmonious and their Call to the “Presence” goes forth into action, every Call is answered, very quickly.

Once they have discovered this Secret and see how quickly the fulfillment comes, they will not allow suggestions – verbal or otherwise – to affect them.

They will stand firm and steady!”


Mary (Mother Of Jesus)

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