understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Many times the Messengers have said to individuals in reference to the orthodox world:

“Go forth fearlessly and speak the Truth! Let everyone be free to accept or reject It.


Then, mankind understands no one is trying to impose anything upon the individual. When they feel they are really being given Freedom, they will listen.

So it is in your activity today. Never try to force the Truth upon anyone.

Pour Love and Blessing to the People! Call their “Mighty I AM Presence” into action to awaken them to the Truth, and remember always that all Activity of the “Presence” is now!

Do not feel or allow the suggestion to act in your feeling world that sometime in the future the individual will accept it. Just say to the “Mighty I AM Presence”:

“You see to it that they awaken and accept this now, because we know it is their Freedom! Give them strength and courage to do this.”

Then you are rendering the greatest Service possible to assist your fellowman through courage, strength, or whatever is required for them to awaken and accept their Freedom.

Everyone must be free!

This is why Saint Germain told you in the beginning, it would be impossible for this Work to be organized or committees formed, or the conditions used that ordinarily act in the outer activity of the world in churches or otherwise, because people must be free!

They must be turned to their “Presence”!

Sooner or later their “Presence” will direct them unerringly and show them the perfect thing.

It is the only way mankind can come to a point of decision within themselves.”


Mary (The Mother Of Jesus)

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