on the myth of the “fallen angel”

“It is a well-known fact – to learned symbologists at all events – that in every great religion of antiquity, it is the Logos Demiurge (the second logos), or the first emanation from the mind (Mahat), who is made to strike, so to say, the keynote of that which may be called the correlation of individuality and personality in the subsequent scheme of evolution.

The Logos it is, who is shown in the mystic symbolism of cosmogony, theogony, and anthropogony, playing two parts in the drama of Creation and Being, i.e., that of the purely human personality and the divine impersonality of the so-called Avatars, or divine incarnations, and of the universal Spirit, called Christos by the Gnostics, and the Fravashi (or Ferouer) of Ahura-Mazda in the Mazdean philosophy.

On the lower rungs of theogony the celestial Beings of lower Hierarchies had each a Fravashi, or a celestial “Double”.

It is the same, only a still more mystic, reassertion of the Kabbalistic axiom, “Deus est Demon inversus”; the word “demon”, however, as in the case of Socrates, and in the spirit of the meaning given to it by the whole of antiquity, standing for the guardian Spirit, an “Angel”, not a devil of Satanic descent, as theology will have it.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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