understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Ones, it is so curious how mankind takes an idea and builds upon it; takes an individual and builds a creation or concept of its own about that one.

Humanity generates all kinds of concepts concerning that idea or that individual.

They are rarely correct;  but still, according to the advancement of the individuals do mankind receive clearly or partially part of the Law which is released by whatever feeling is within them.

I trust I shall be able to fix so firmly within your consciousness the feeling that today you can have all the means you need to give you comfort and happiness.

Perhaps you think of Me as a special Being. Every human being is a special being! Why?

Because your own “God Presence” supplies the Life, the Energy, the Substance by which your form exists on this Earth today.

Then is that not true? Is not everyone a special being?

In all religious activities of the World, the Truth to some degree has been clothed with human concepts. Believe Me when I say to you tonight, and I shall do it to the whole World:   The inception of the Catholic Church was brought about by and through the Power of the Ascended Masters.

There has never been an embodiment since its inception, in which there has not been an Ascended Master somewhere in that Church who was the Guardian of what took place.

If mistakes began to creep in too much, they were checked.

Today, Beloved Ones, in all activities of attention to the Divinity, the culminating point is arriving.

All churches, all religions, all activities through all metaphysical activities and everything which brings the attention in any way to the higher understanding of Life, or in anywise calls the attention to Divinity – all are closing into this one central point, the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

We see that! We know this must come!

If only precious, beloved humanity could understand this “Mighty I AM Presence”, and the preachers take this Understanding fearlessly into the churches everywhere, the joy, the speed and release of humanity from the discord and limitations of today would be almost like lightning.”


Mary (The Mother Of Jesus)

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