understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I assure you tonight, Beloved Ones, that when in the Wisdom of the Ascended Ones They see it is right, a complete and perfect Description and Ascended Master Explanation of what took place in His Life will be given.

I mean, that which has been clothed with human opinions will be cleared; and that which has not been recorded will be brought forth to mankind. Then you will know the exact activity which took place at that time.

It is so easy for the Ascended Masters to read the records of every civilization. They are in the ethers as plain as you read your song books, your Decree Books, or the Books of Saint Germain.

These are not unusual things. Only because mankind has not understood them, do they seem at first unusual; but in all manifestation and activity of Life there is not one single thing unusual, Beloved Ones.

Try to feel that, I plead with you.

Try to feel, no matter how transcendent the Being, how transcendent the Activity, or how transcendent the Manifestation which comes forth, still it is all perfectly natural because it is the Law of Life.

Nothing can manifest to you that is not according to Law.”


Mary (The Mother Of Jesus)

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