understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the fullness of the Light – the Eternal Light of God, the “Mighty I AM” – in Its great enfolding, Directing Intelligence, I hold you. I clothe you in Its enfolding Power of Divine Love, in the releasing of Its Limitless Energy into your world.

Tonight may you feel Its Infinite Courage charging your mind and body with Its Eternally Sustained Activity, until never again for one single moment is there a lack of energy.

May there never again be one wavering moment in your consciousness or feeling world, but instead just a steady drive forward unto the Goal – your Victory.

Tonight, I just love to add My Call to yours, so you may have a more intensified response. Feel it! accept it! charge it to be eternally sustained!

Never in all the experience of the Messengers has there ever been anything so wonderful as this Class – so far-reaching, and it will grow more and more so.

Every Activity of Light has joined you with Its assisting Power. Therefore, be encouraged, Dear Ones.

Will you just for a moment hold this Stillness and let It act within your world.


Just let this tremendous Vibratory Action in the room fill your mind and body, and sweep out the cause and effect of every disturbance that has ever been there, and its record.

Thank you, O Great Presence of all Life, for Your Perfect Work for these Students.

Clothe them in Thy Wondrous Light, and hold Its Sustaining Power and Activity within and about them forever. Bless them with Its Eternal Perfection, ever-expanding.

I thank you, O Blessed Ones.”


The Great Tenor

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