understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Never feel rebellious to Life, to the Ascended Masters, or to the “Presence”. One lady, whom the Messenger told you about, would have nothing more to do with the “I AM” because her mother passed on.

Just such feeling has been the attitude of mankind. It is so in thousands of ways; but you, today, are at the point when you can take your Dominion.

There is no question in the world about it!

I also attended the Minute Men’s Meeting at the Trinity Auditorium here today. Now gentlemen, do not get puffed up; but if some of you knew the voices which are within you and what your voices could do, the gymnasiums would not hold you.

I tell you, Dear People, the Students of the “I AM” are going to take on the Silver Clarion Voice in both speech and song.

Do not be anxious about it! Just make the Call every night before you retire:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, give me Thy Silver Tone! Give Me The Golden Tongue Of The ‘I AM’ and Its Voice in both speech and song. Give me the Liquid Voice which will flow and melt everything of human creation.”

I am watching My opportunity to show you what the voice can do. Of course, you understand I am not exploiting Myself – but for the blessing and benefit that it can give.

Mankind have these magnificent faculties!

Yet they do not even give thanks or consideration for the magnificent Jewels they have right within their own grasp all the time:  your voice, your vision, your feeling, your power of qualification – any of which can lift you to the heights and hold you there.

Then when you combine all, how certain it makes your Victory!”


The Great Tenor

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