understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Ones have tried to convey without making it too drastic, how imperative and how real is this need. We could show you and tell you of conditions in your city which would fire you into action as never in your lives.

It still seems unwise to do it, because the danger of mankind today is that in knowing of a thing, they either willingly or unwillingly begin to allow their feeling to dwell upon it, until they make the thing real to themselves.

It is also why too much meditation makes you negative, instead of doing the thing you want to do.

Be quick and dynamic in all your Application, and I am sure you will have greater results.

I would not call it exactly a fault, but mankind still think the demands of the outer world just must be fulfilled whether or no; when ten, fifteen, or twenty minutes a day of taking the attention off the outer things, would give you sufficient time to hold the Dominion and Mastery in your feeling world.”


The Great Tenor

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