the theogony of the creative gods

“To thoroughly comprehend the idea underlying every ancient cosmology necessitates the study, in a comparative analysis, of all the great religions of antiquity; as it is only by this method that the root idea will be made plain.

Exact Science – could the latter soar so high, while tracing the operations of nature to their ultimate and original sources – would call this idea the hierarchy of Forces.

The original, transcendental, philosophical conception was one. But as systems began to reflect with every age more and more the idiosyncrasies of nations; and as the latter, after separating, settled into distinct groups, each evolving along its own national or tribal groove, the main idea gradually became veiled with the overgrowth of human fancy.

While in some countries the FORCES, or rather the intelligent Powers of nature, received divine honors they were hardly entitled to, in others – as now in Europe and the civilized lands – the very thought of any such FORCE being endowed with intelligence seems absurd, and it is proclaimed unscientific.

As time rolled on, the archaic teaching grew dimmer; and those nations more or less lost sight of the highest and One principle of all things, and began to transfer the abstract attributes of the “causeless cause” to the caused effects – became in their turn causative – the creative Powers of the Universe;

the great nations, out of the fear of profaning the IDEA, the smaller, because they either failed to grasp it or lacked the power of philosophic conception needed to preserve it in all its immaculate purity.

But one and all, with the exception of the latest Aryans, now became Europeans and Christians, show this veneration in their Cosmogonies.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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