understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, Precious Ones, do you appreciate what is before you? I am sure you do, and you will daily appreciate it more and more.

If you listen to human beings who breathe the poison of discord, doubt, and fear into your world, then you are responsible. Do you not see that?

Do you not see why you must be the decreer and governor of your world?

You can shut out whatever you do not want. You do not have to listen to false gossip and all that kind of thing which breathes poison into your world.

The pitiful thing is the condition of those who breathe such things forth into the world of others.

It may disturb them temporarily, but the persons who breathe it forth will cry out in agony for the falsehoods they have uttered.

It does not make any difference what or who it is – it is the Law of Life.

I marvel at those who have thought I was severe.

The Law of Life is more so, because It never prompts you. It just waits; and if you want to misuse Its Energy, It says:  “Just run along. You will get tired of it.”

But We who know these conditions prompt, and prompt, and prompt mankind.

Sometimes they do not believe Us and they go on; but those who do accept Our Help and with great, loving feeling determine to give obedience – then how quickly joy and perfection begin to fill their worlds.”


Serapis Bey

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