demon est deus inversus

“Having to trace the origin of the idea to the very beginning of human mind, it is but just, meanwhile, to give his due even to the proverbial devil. Antiquity knew of no isolated, thoroughly and absolutely bad “god of evil”.

Pagan thought represented good and evil as twin brothers, born from the same mother – Nature; so soon as that thought ceased to be Archaic, Wisdom too became Philosophy.

In the beginning the symbols of good and evil were mere abstractions, Light and Darkness; then their types became chosen among the most natural and ever-recurrent cosmic phenomena – the Day and Night, or the Sun and Moon.

Then the Hosts of the Solar and Lunar deities were made to represent them, and the Dragon of Darkness was contrasted with the Dragon of Light.

In the Indian philosophy, the Suras are among the earliest and the brightest gods, and become Asuras only when dethroned by Brahmanical fancy.

Satan never assumed an anthropomorphic, individualized shape, until the creation by man of a “one living personal god” had been accomplished; and then merely as a matter of prime necessity.

A screen was needed; a scapegoat to explain the cruelty, blunders, and but too-evident injustice, perpetrated by him for whom absolute perfection, mercy, and goodness were claimed.

This was the first Karmic effect of abandoning a philosophical and logical Pantheism, to build, as a prop for lazy man, “a merciful father in Heaven”.

This led to the primal twins, Osiris-Typhon, Ormazd-Ahriman, and finally Cain-Abel and the tutti-quanti of contraries.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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