tree, serpent, and crocodile worship

“The legends of every nation and tribe, whether civilized or savage, point to the once universal belief in the great wisdom and cunning of the Serpents.

They are “charmers”.

They hypnotize the bird with their eye, and man himself, very often, does not feel above their fascinating influence; therefore the symbol is the most fitting one.

The crocodile is the Egyptian dragon. It was the dual symbol of Heaven and Earth, of Sun and Moon, and was made sacred, in consequence of its amphibious nature, to Osiris and Isis.

The crocodile was, moreover, the symbol of Egypt herself – the lower, as being the more swampy of the two countries.

The Serpent became the type and symbol of evil, and of the Devil, only during the middle ages.

The early Christians – besides the Ophite Gnostics – had their dual Logos: the Good and the Bad Serpent, the Agathodaimon and the Kakodaimon.

This is demonstrated by the writings of Marcus, Valentinus, and many others, and especially in the Pistis Sophia – certainly a document of the earliest centuries of Christianity.

This “True and Perfect Serpent” is the seven-lettered God who is now credited with being Jehovah, and Jesus One with him.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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