understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us first take you individually.

When you call this Power of Light into action to flood your being and world, exactly the same thing takes place as took place in this room when you turned on these lights.

Now, the darkness of your own human creation is not a particle more powerful than the darkness in the room before you turned on the lights. If you came in with a candle, you would not see so clearly, would you?

But when you come in with these great lights turned on, the darkness has disappeared.

Just for a moment, think of the greatest light you have in the outer world today, the most powerful one. Compare that with the Power of your “Presence” which is the Light of the World.

Then, has your human creation any power, the darkness of it, against this Light which you can call forth to flood your being and world, which dissolves all darkness and lets the Power of the Light take Its Dominion?

Now, I am going to say something else, quite shocking to you.

There are seventy-five percent of the Students in San Francisco, Oakland, and vicinity who have time and again in their intense Call had their Freedom! But they did not have the patience to wait a few days for it to manifest.

Will you believe that I am telling you the Truth? This is an actual fact, the actual Truth.

You have at times made such determined, sincere Call that the Freedom was released; but because it was not a miracle or instantaneous manifestation, you allowed the attention to go back into limitations.

I am saying this tonight for a very great purpose, because if I am help to you, I am going to do something worthwhile, or I will not do it.

If I am going to help in this business, you are not going to wobble around anymore. You are not going to go back into the acceptance of those limitations, when We have called forth your Freedom.

Remember that, the next time you wobble! Remember! I am right there.

If you get a good prodding up, do not blame Me, because you will receive a good sound reminder that you are slipping.”


Serapis Bey

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