tree, serpent, and crocodile worship

“In days of old – of the divine Dynasties on Earth – the now dreaded reptile was regarded as the first beam of light that radiated from the abyss of divine Mystery.

Various were the forms which it was made to assume, and numerous the natural symbols adapted to it, as it crossed aeons of Time; as from Infinite Time itself – Kala – it fell into the space and time evolved out of human speculation.

These forms were cosmic and astronomical, theistic and pantheistic, abstract and concrete.

They became in turn the Polar Dragon and the Southern Cross, the Alpha Draconis of the Pyramid, and the Hindu-Buddhist Dragon, which ever threatens, yet never swallows the Sun during its eclipses.

Till then, the Tree remained ever green, for it was sprinkled by the waters of life; the great Dragon, ever divine, so long as it was kept within the precincts of the sidereal fields.

But the tree grew and its lower boughs touched at last the infernal regions – our Earth.

Then the great Serpent Nidhogg – he who devours the corpses of the evildoers in the “Hall of Misery” (human life), so soon as they are plunged into “Hvergelmir”, the roaring cauldron (of human passions) – gnawed the World-tree.

The worms of materiality covered the once healthy and mighty roots, and are now ascending higher and higher along the trunk; while the Midgard-snake coiled at the bottom of the Seas, encircles the Earth, and, through its venomous breath, makes her powerless to defend herself.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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