understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Take that stand and say to all human appearance:   “No longer dare you attempt to hold me in your bondage! With my ‘God Presence’, I shatter and blast to pieces everything that has been accumulated about me! I walk forth this hour free from all human limitations!”

We must shatter this power of human creation which has held its bondage upon mankind.

If you will join Me tonight, while you are sitting here listening – if you would join Me in your feelings and let this Power be released in your mind, body, and world of activity, then this night it shall be shattered! You shall walk forth in the morning free – forever.

There is no power anywhere in the Universe that can interfere with your own Stream of Life flowing into your mind and body, and then out into your world, if your attention is undivided.

Do whatever is required in the outer world; and the moment that is finished, turn your attention back to the “Presence”, if it is only for one minute.

In that minute make your Call:  “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take Dominion in this body and my world! Produce your Perfection and hold Your Dominion!”

When you call It forth like that, you will have It, Dear People.

You cannot have your Victory if you just wish for a thing, when you need to demand its release.

You must mean business in your Call to the “Presence”. You must be firm, unyielding, and determined;  then the full and complete release will come quickly.”


Serapis Bey

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