understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you not see, Blessed Ones, the only reason problems exist or bills accumulate is because of your disturbance and agitation?

Such feeling does not allow enough of the Power of the “Presence” to get through undisturbed and uninterrupted, to produce the conditions which bring it about quickly. That is the only reason you do not have it.

You think persons, places, and conditions are to blame.

Oh, Loved Ones, erase that from your minds please, if you want to be free.

Not all the human beings in creation can interfere with one of you in the money supply and everything else you require, when you stand one with your “Presence” and keep your attention there.

Refuse to accept that the appearances of the World which breathe of discord and human limitations have any power.

Oh, the Messengers have pled with mankind to refuse acceptance of the appearance world; yet they have not seemed able to do it.

Beloved Ones, will you try this? We must help you gain the Victory.

Now, let us just – pardon Me if I use your expression – “pep up” and do it. Oh, do not wobble around any longer. Come into the Law of Life and let It take Its Dominion and stop the human wobbling!

Precious Ones, with this God Power and Presence, the Intelligence and Power of the Universe beating your Hearts, moving your bodies about, then there is nothing of human creation which can interfere with the Outpouring of the “Presence” to produce it in your world.

It is impossible for you to fail.”


Serapis Bey


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