the moon, deus lunus, phoebe

“Lunar magnetism generates life, preserves and kills it.

The ancients taught the, so to speak, auto-generation of the Gods:  the one divine essence, unmanifested, perpetually begetting a second-self, manifested, which second-self, androgynous in its nature, gives birth in an immaculate way to everything macro- and micro-cosmical in this universe.

One of the most occult chapters in the Book of the Dead is chapter 80, entitled:  “To make the transformation into the god giving light to the path of Darkness”, wherein “Woman-light of Shadow” serves Thoth in his retreat in the moon.

Thoth-Hermes is said to hide therein, because he is the representative of the Secret Wisdom. He is the manifested logos of its light side, the concealed deity or “Dark Wisdom” when he is supposed to retire to the opposite hemisphere.

Speaking of her power, the moon calls herself repeatedly: “The Light which shineth in Darkness”, the “Woman-Light”. Hence it became the accepted symbol of all the Virgin-Mother goddesses.

As the wicked “evil” spirits warred against the moon in days of yore, so they are supposed to war now, without being able to prevail, however, against the actual Queen of Heaven, Mary, the moon.

Hence also the moon was intimately connected in all the Pagan theogonies with the Dragon, her eternal enemy;

the Virgin, or Madonna, standing on the mythical Satan under that form, crushed and made powerless, under her feet.

This, because the head and tail of the Dragon, which represent in Eastern astronomy to this day the ascending and descending nodes of the moon, were also symbolized in ancient Greece by the two serpents.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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