the moon, deus lunus, phoebe

“It is worth the trouble of presenting in this work a bird-eye’s view of the origin and development of the lunar myth and worship in historical antiquity, on our side of the globe.

Whether the Egyptian or the Hindu religious philosophy is the more ancient – and the Secret Doctrine says it is the latter – does not much matter in this instance, as the lunar and solar “worship” are the most ancient in the world.

Both have survived, and prevail to this day throughout the whole world, with some openly, with others secretly.

The cat, a lunar symbol, was sacred to Isis, herself the Moon in one sense, as Osiris was the Sun. The cat is often seen on the top of the Sistrum in the land of the goddess.

What is know of Chaldean Moon-Worship, of the Babylonian god, Sin, called by the Greeks “Deus Lunus”, is very little, and that little is apt to mislead the profane student who fails to grasp the esoteric significance of the symbols.

As popularly known to the ancient profane philosophers and writers (for those who were initiated were pledged to silence) the Chaldeans were the worshippers of the moon under her (and his) various names, just as were the Jews who came after them.

Lunar magnetism generates life, preserves and destroys it, psychically as well as physically.

And if, astronomically, she is one of the seven planets of the ancient world, in theogony she is one of the regents thereof;

with Christians now as much as with Pagans, the former referring to her under the name of one of their archangels, and the latter under that of one of their gods.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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