understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Messengers today, Blessed People, when they make Application, stand by it no matter what the thing says outside.

They always win, because their stand and determination allows the Light and Power to continue to flow until the appearance disappears.

This is what it means to stand firm and unyielding in your Application.

I thank you, Beloved Ones. This is the first privilege I have had of talking to you. Yet I, with many others, always stand ready to give every Assistance possible for your Freedom, Perfection, and Dominion.

Oh, do not yield any longer, Beloved Ones, to the appearance world. It has no power! Once you will turn upon it and tell it so and mean it, it will cease to have power in your world.

Then, as you call the magnificent Power of your “Presence” forth to take Command and hold Its Dominion in your world, so shall it be done!”



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