the lotus, as a universal symbol

“Shall this be call coincidence? A strange one it is then, indeed, when we find even Moses – found in the water of the Nile – having the symbolical consonant in his name. And Pharoah’s daughter “called his name Moses…because”, she said, “I drew him out of WATER” (Exodus 2:10).

Besides which the Hebrew sacred name of God applied to this letter M is Meborakh, the “Holy” or the “Blessed”, and the name for the water of the Flood is Mabbul.

A reminder of the “three Maries” at the Crucifixion and their connection with Mare, the Sea, or Water, may close this example.

This is why in Judaism and Christianity the Messiah is always connected with Water, Baptism, the Fishes (the sign of the zodiac called Mina in Sanskrit), and even with the Matsya (fish) Avatar, and the Lotus – the symbol of the womb, or the water lily, which is the same.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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