the mundane egg

“The symbolism of the Lunar and Solar Deities is so inextricably mixed up, that it is next to impossible to separate such glyphs as the egg, the lotus, and the “sacred” animals from each other.

The ibis, for instance, sacred to Isis, who is often represented with the head of that bird, sacred also to Mercury of Thoth, because that god assumed its form while escaping from Typhon – the ibis was held in the greatest veneration in Egypt.

There were two kinds of ibises, Herodotus tells us, in that country: one quite black, the other black and white.

The former is credited with fighting and exterminating the winged serpents which came every spring from Arabia and infested the country.

The other was sacred to the moon, because the latter planet is white and brilliant on her external side, dark and black on that side which she never turns to the earth.

Moreover, the ibis kills land serpents, and makes the most terrible havoc among the eggs of he crocodile, and thus saves Egypt from having the Nile infested by those horrible saurians.

The bird is credited with doing so in the moonlight, and thus helped by Isis, as the moon, her sidereal symbol.

But the nearer esoteric truth underlying these popular myths is that Hermes watched under the form of that bird over the Egyptians, and taught them the occult arts and sciences.

This means simply that the ibis religiosa had and has “magical” properties in common with many other birds, the albatross preeminently, and the mystical white swan, the swan of Eternity of Time, the KALAHAMSA.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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