understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, there are a few things which you can get rid of most quickly by ridiculing them. Many times it takes just some little thing to release your complete Victory; for instance, like the above expression.

When the attention begins to fix on the empty pocketbook and you say:  “Oh no, hold on! You get up to my ‘Presence’ where the supply is”, it will give you the confidence that you are actually doing the right thing; and of course in such a feeling, you will get the immediate results.

The Messengers have often offered the suggestion that you charge yourselves in the evening.  For instance, suppose you added to your charge before going to sleep at night: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, fill my purse with the limitless supply of money I require for use in your Service of the Light.”

Then, you go to sleep in the full feeling and confidence that your “Presence” is supplying you constantly – and as our Beloved Lotus says, “ten times more than you need”; then you will find it will come!

Do not be discouraged if your results have not been all your Heart desires. Keep on reaching out, as it were, in your feeling, to get the right Application which you particularly require to govern your feeling of the condition.

I am sure you see why you should do that.

If one phase of Application is not handling the condition which you particularly require, reach out to the “Presence” and say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, you make me feel the kind of Application, the right Application I should have here in order to accomplish this.”


Then in a moment it will surge forth and be done.

Never forget that the Power of Light is rendering the Service.”


Morya El

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