the hidden deity, its symbols and glyphs

“In the cosmogonies of all the nations it is the “Architects” synthesized by Demiurgos (in the Bible the “Elohim”), who fashion Kosmos out of Chaos, and who are the collective Theos, “male-female”, spirit and matter.

Chaos-Theos-Kosmos, the triple deity, is all in all. Therefore, it is said to be male and female, good and evil, positive and negative: the whole series of contrasted qualities.  When latent (in Pralaya) it is incognizable and becomes the unknown Deity.


It can be known only in its functions; hence as matter-Force and living-Spirit, the correlations and outcome, or the expression, on the visible plane, of the ultimate and ever-to-be-unknown UNITY.

In its turn this triple unit is the producer of the four primary “Elements”, which are known in our visible terrestrial nature as the seven (so far the five) Elements, each divisible into forty-nine (or seven times seven) sub-elements, with about seventy of which Chemistry is acquainted.

Every Cosmical Element such as Fire, Air, Water, Earth, partaking of the qualities and defects of their primaries are in their nature Good and Evil, Force (or spirit) and Matter, etc., etc.; and each, therefore, is at one and the same time Life and Death, Health and Disease, Action and Reaction.

They are ever and constantly forming matter under the never-ceasing impulse of the ONE Element (the incognizable), represented in the world of phenomena by Aether, or “the immortal gods who give birth and life to all.””


H. P. Blavatsky

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