understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When Kuthumi and I began to try to release to mankind greater Light and Understanding, We could only go so far.

Really, a great accomplishment was attained – there is no question about that;  but the Light could not go forth to Its fullness until mankind understood the Individualized Presence of the “Mighty I AM”, and the absolute, imperative, need of Harmony in the feelings.

Had We been permitted to call the attention of the people to the imperative need of Harmony in their feelings in the beginning of Our Work, much greater Light could have been released.

Oh, of course We did show them the need to some degree;  but We could not force upon the people at that time what We knew to be necessary.

Today, the Cosmic Light is doing just that in Its Service to mankind.  It is a wholly impersonal thing.

Now, the Cosmic Light is impelling and compelling the feeling world of humanity to accept, take hold of, and utilize this great Power which is their own Life.”


Morya El

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