understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You all know the need of using the Tube of Light and the Violet Consuming Flame. As you continue to use It, the Infinite Power of your “Presence” will do all that is required and set you Free.

Keep at it with greater and greater determination. Refuse to accept any moment of doubt or question of your ability to call your “Presence” into action.

I say today to some who have had difficulty in their Application:   yield not an inch to any discordant appearance. It does not matter whether there is pain in your body or not; if it be there, then it does not belong to you.

Be firm! Be determined in dismissing it! It is only the atomic structure through your feeling world which feels it.

You have all power in the Call to your “Presence” to stop it. In your moments of stillness, call the “Presence” to dissolve cause, effect, and record of it; then no longer will you be troubled by it.

Today you are in the position that when you get rid of a thing, you can erase its record. Then, never again let it touch your world.

That is your greatest privilege. Utilize it, Beloved Ones, in its fullness!

I feel the great strength in everyone of you and know that you are going forward quickly into the fullness of your Victory – every one of you!

I thank you for this opportunity today to speak My Heart to yours, and to let you know that I rejoice with you in the sure and steady Victory you are winning.

Blessed people of California, you have made it possible for this Light to be carried to the rest of America. It is magnificent! It is marvelous!

In the fullness of the Infinite Power of Light, the Glory of God – the “Mighty I AM Presence” – I call Its Almighty Power into action to enfold you in Its Infinite Protection;  direct you by Its Mighty Intelligence; cause all human mistakes and discord to cease at once in and from your world forever;  to set you Free and give you such courage and confidence in your Call, in your Application, that every time you apply the Law, the answer comes quickly.

May It give you the full consciousness of your Victory in the Light now!


I thank you.”



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