understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You are coming to understand the things that heretofore have been considered unusual. Yet, I say to you, there is not one thing in all the wide world unusual.

All is an activity of your Life. All is an activity of the Law of Life; therefore, Life compels it to be natural.

Do you not see this?

In mankind’s partial understanding, things were made mystical; and it caused the people to feel far away, instead of entering into the Glory of that which was their own Life.

Try to feel more and more each day how practical all of this great Law of Life is, and how It is you. You may have the fullness of Its Understanding and Operation if you will.

Just keep on calling and reaching out. Steadily and surely, just like a warm breath there will come into your consciousness one thing after another in courage, strength, and confidence.

Knowing the great need today, I tell you it is not possible to be deprived of it. It is yours! It is your Life which is acting. How could you be deprived of it?

In the Glory of this Infinite Power of Action, I want you to feel that you have entered into the greatest Law in the Universe – the Law of your own Life and Its Mighty Activity, which every human being can use at his own point in the Universe, wherever you care to be.”



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