the mystery language of the initiates: symbolism and ideographs

“The religious and esoteric history of every nation was embedded in symbols; it was never expressed in so many words.

All the thoughts and emotions, all the learning and knowledge, revealed and acquired, of the early races, found their pictorial expression in allegory and parable.

Why? because the spoken word has a potency unknown to, unsuspected and disbelieved in, by modern “sages”.

Because sound and rhythm are closely related to the four Elements of the Ancients, and because such or another vibration in the air is sure to awaken corresponding powers, union with which produces good or bad results, as the case may be.

No student was ever allowed to recite historical, religious, or any real events in so many unmistakable words, lest the power connected with the event should be once more attracted.

Such events were narrated only during Initiation, and every student had to record them in corresponding symbols, drawn out of his own mind and examined later by his master, before they were finally accepted.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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