understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, as we are here in this room, everyone is lifted above the human consciousness; for human consciousness is the only place in which imperfection exists.

If you but realized it and determined to stay there – oh yes, you would move around in your human forms quite naturally; but the difference in your feeling world would be amazing.

You know when you suddenly place a thermometer where there is heat, how it goes up and down? That is the way with the consciousness and vibratory action of mankind.

Today in this Radiance you are raised. Will you please take advantage of the opportunity and determine to stand in It and remain there? You can do it! You can positively do it!

Then, as you gain one step after another, all of a sudden you will see the Glory you truly are. You have seen the top of the mountain through the fog. Just like that you will stand head and shoulders above all human creation.

❤ When you really see the Glory which you really are, nothing will stop you again. You will go forward in the mighty Victory of Light! ❤

Today, in the fullness of this Light, in the fullness of Its Radiant Power flooding your being and world – be calm, be firm, be more determined than ever, with a great calm serenity, to release from your “Presence” all that is required to give you the complete Victory; for it is your “Presence” which does it.

Please do not forget this for one single moment.

It is your “Presence” which accomplishes the Victory. You stand calm and serene in your Call! Is it not so little to do? – to enter into your own World of Freedom, after so many centuries of limitations!

Yet it is coming. It is so great, so marvelous.”



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