the mystery language of the initiates: symbolism and ideographs

“The study of the hidden meaning in every religious and profane legend, of whatsoever nation, large or small – pre-eminently the traditions of the East – has occupied the greater portion of the present writer’s life.

She is one of those who feel convinced that no mythological story, no traditional event in the folklore of a people has ever been, at any time, pure fiction, but that every one of such narratives has an actual, historical lining to it.

In this the writer disagrees with those symbologists, however great their reputation, who find in every myth nothing save additional proofs of the superstitious bent of mind of the ancients, and believe that all mythologies sprang from and are built upon solar myths.
Such superficial thinkers were admirably disposed of by Gerald Massey, the poet and Egyptologist, in a lecture on “Luniolatry, Ancient and Modern”.

“Mythology was a primitive mode of thinking the early thought. It was founded on natural facts, and is still verifiable in phenomena.  There is nothing insane, nothing irrational in it, when considered in the light of evolution, and when its mode of expression by sign-language is thoroughly understood….

For example, when the Egyptians portrayed the moon as a Cat, they were not ignorant enough to suppose that the moon was a cat; nor did their wandering fancies see any likeness in the moon to a cat; nor was a cat-myth any mere expansion of verbal metaphor; nor had they any intention of making puzzles or riddles….

They had observed the simple fact that the cat saw in the dark, and that her eyes became full-orbed, and grew most luminous by night.
The moon was the seer by night in heaven, and the cat was its equivalent on the earth; and so the familiar cat was adopted as a representative, a natural sign, a living pictograph of the lunar orb.”   (Thomas Gerald Massey)

This is a very correct exposition of the lunar-mythos from its astronomical aspect. Selenography, however, is the least esoteric of the divisions of lunar Symbology. To master thoroughly – if one is permitted to coin a new word – Selenognosis, one must become proficient in more than its astronomical meaning.

The moon is intimately related to the Earth, and is more directly concerned with all the mysteries of our globe than even Venus-Lucifer, the occult sister and alter-ego of the Earth.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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