understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you realize, Beloved Ones, what it means to Us, to Morya and Myself – We two who were so earnest, so sincere?  Yet, Our Beloved Saint Germain has accomplished more in three years than We did in the many years of Our humble Efforts.

I want you to know this so you give Him all the gratitude of your Hearts. You do not yet quite know Him as We do; but it will not be long now, as you often say.

You know I must necessarily be very familiar with your terminology because of many letters I received in those years of My humble Efforts. We have had much happiness.

Sometimes, before Our Ascension, We had heavy Hearts at mankind’s unwillingness to still the human intellect until the Light within the Heart released true Understanding.

There is no failure in any sincere effort; and every one of you should feel that with great, great gratitude. Every single sincere effort which you make must bring its great, great reward in the Victory of the Light.”



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