anthropogenesis: the history of the fourth race (stanza x)

“(38.  The birth of the Fourth Race, Atlantean Race.   39.  The sub-races of the Fourth Humanity begin to divide and interblend; they form the first mixed races of various colors.   40.  The superiority of the Atlantean over other races.   41.  The fall into sin and beget children and monsters.   42.  The first germs of Anthropomorphism and sexual religion. (They lose their “Third Eye”.)



Up to this point of evolution man belongs more to metaphysical than physical nature. It is only after the so-called FALL, that the races began to develop rapidly into a purely human shape.

“The Gods became no-Gods, the Sura – A-sura”, says the text; i.e., gods became fiends – SATAN, when read literally.

But Satan will now be shown, in the teaching of the Secret Doctrine, allegorized as Good, and Sacrifice, a God of Wisdom, under different names.

After the Earth had been made ready by the lower and more material powers, and its three Kingdoms fairly started on their way to be “fruitful and multiply”, the higher powers, the Archangels or Dhyanis, were compelled by the evolutionary Law to descend on Earth, in order to construct the crown of its evolution – MAN.

Thus the “Self-created” and the “Self-existent” projected their pale shadows; but group the Third, the Fire-Angels, rebelled and refused to join their fellow Devas.

The “Rebels” would not create will-less irresponsible men, as the “obedient” angels did; nor could they endow human beings with only the temporary reflections of their own attributes.

Man remaining the pale shadow of the inert, immutable, and motionless perfection, would have been doomed to pass through life on earth as in a heavy dreamless sleep; hence a failure on this plane.

Hence, tradition shows the celestial yogis offering themselves as voluntary victims in order to redeem Humanity and to endow him with human affections and aspirations.

To this they had to give up their natural status and, descending on our globe, take up their abode on it for the whole cycle of the Mahayuga, thus exchanging their impersonal individualities for individual personalities – the bliss of sidereal existence for the curse of terrestrial life.

This voluntary sacrifice of the Fiery Angels, whose nature was Knowledge and Love, was construed by the exoteric theologies into a statement that shows “the rebel angels hurled down from heaven into the darkness of Hell” – our Earth.”


H. P. Blavatsky

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